"People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”


Ahh! That would be me in ghost form. >///<


You should have raised a baby girl… 


( Lyrics done by theshieldofdaybreak~ We’ve had this conversation weeks ago but I just remembered to finally draw it today ( And no it’s not because I watched Frozen with the family again this evening > u > ) So yeah! If you want more of the lyrics—go bother her haha 8DD )


"Will that day ever come?"

( To be honest, I can’t see much of a 100% ‘happy ending’ for the two at all O: I mean it is possible but at the same time, there’s this 50-50 chance with that even happening xD Maybe the chance will increase when there’s a third party that’s directly connected with the two and their Rivalry but yeah, we have nothing for now CX;;

Though if there is a happy ending—That’ll be Diana and the Lunari being accepted by all of the Solari, Leona and the elders including. An even treatment—even love; not a faction that’s better than the other.

Happy ending, sad ending as friends, lovers or rivalries—it’ll all be a wonderful story for sure :D I mean, this is THE Diana Leona arch story after all haha xD )